White Label CG Platform

White Label CG Platform

A CPP Enterprise Subscriptions allows users to request a white labelled (own branded)  version of of our CG Platform.

This can be on the URL of the customers choosing - as standard we could set these up as companyname.custom-gateway.net unless a specific URL was provided.

If a URL not containing custom-gateway.net is used then DNS setup required both from a customer side and CG Architects. Details of this can be obtained from platform support by emailing support@custom-gateway.com who can reach out to our Architects Team.

In addition to the URL the whitelabel allows the logo to be changed on both the login page and wider platform pages. The image should be provided in SVG format in a similar aspect ratio to the custom gateway logo

The logo is saved in S3 and requires again a very quick job by our Architects team to enable

The below images show (in red) the place where your logo will be added replacing the CG one.

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