Understanding How Gateway CPP & OMS Handling Prices

Understanding How Gateway CPP & OMS Handling Prices

1. Gateway CPP stores prices in eCommerce data for 

  • Trade / Wholesale Price
  • Recommended Retail price (RRP)
  • Dynamic Pricing elements

2. Smartlink Personalisation Apps can either get prices from Gateway CPP or via the External Pricing API (EPA) - these prices are then passed into the eCommerce Shopping Cart

3. Gateway OMS either gets passed prices by the website (ecommerce shopping cart), Order API or retrieves them from the product details in CPP detailed in point 1

4. Invoices generated from Gateway OMS are always for the trade price 

5. For licensing reporting and invoicing pricing rules can also be set against the company giving a discount off the RRP rather than having to set the trade price on the product




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