Shipping Integrations : Spring

Shipping Integrations : Spring

If you do not already have a Spring Shipping account you can contact them here -

Our Platform integrates seamlessly with your Spring account to allow the booking in of shipments, the printing of labels and the passing of tracking references.

If you have a Spring account all you need to do is add your Spring API key into the shipping integration on your dropship company and ensure the "Is Enabled" tickbox is checked.

This will then process any order recieved with the Carrier as "SpringXbs" and the Method as one the below accepted values (correct at the time of writing, Spring API documentation can be viewed for an up to date list which will be under "Services"

In the below list the section before the hyphen is the "Method" and the text after is a method description, so in the platform your "Method" would be "ccTRCK", "PPLT" for example

PPLEU –PostNL Parcel EU
PPND –PostNL Parcel Benelux -No sign
PPNDS –PostNL Parcel Benelux -Sign
PPHD –PostNL Parcel Benelux -No sign, no neighbor
PPHDS –PostNL Parcel Benelux -Sign, no neighbor
PPLGE –PostNL Parcel GlobalPack EMS
PPLGU –PostNL Parcel GlobalPack UPU
PPTT –PostNL Packet Tracked
PPBTT-PostNL Packet Boxable Tracked
PPTR –PostNL Packet Registered
PPNT –PostNL Packet Non Tracked
PPBNT-PostNL Packet Boxable Non Tracked
PPBT –PostNL Packet Bag & Trace
RM24 –Royal Mail Tracked 24 -No sign
RM24S –Royal Mail Tracked 24 -Sign
RM48 –Royal Mail Tracked 48 -No sign
RM48S –Royal Mail Tracked 48 -Sign
SEND –Sending Mainland
SEND2 –Sending Islands
ITCR –Italian Post Crono
HEHDS –Hermes -Sign
CPHD –Colis Prive -No sign
CPHDS –Colis Prive -Sign
SCST –Spring Com Standard -No sign
SCSTS –Spring Com Standard -Sign
SCEX –Spring Com Express -No sign
SCEXS –Spring Com Express –Sign
IMPRT –Routed service defaulting to service NOLABEL. Do not use NOLABEL directly.
NOLABEL –Does not generate a label. Will only import data.

NOTE - the Sprint integration requires items on the order in the platform to have a retail price on them and the products in CATALOG must have a weight set.

Below is an image of an example redacted label which is also attached in PDF format for sizing.

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