Testing API orders into OMS yourself

Testing API orders into OMS yourself

You can run an API order into OMS yourself as a test straight from your desktop or laptop.

Windows 10 comes with CURL already installed so you should not need to do anything else to run this.

there is an example JSON file attached which can downloaded to use as a template but please note this needs to be modified, this contains examples of multiple item types and the SKU's contained are invalid and would need to match products available to your retailer company being imported against.

When you have your JSON file you are happy should work you need to place it in your home directory on your machine which should be Users/Your Username

You then need to open the command prompt in Windows by pressing Windows Key + R this will open the RUN menu where you can type "cmd" and hit enter.

This should open Windows command prompt where you can run your API request.

You can then run the following PENDING SOME CHANGES

curl -d@**training-example.json** -H"content-type: application/json" -H"authorization: basic **COMPANYREFID**:**APIKEY**" https://api-sl-2-2.custom-gateway.net/order

BLUE = Your JSON filename
RED = Your Retailer Company Ref ID
GREEN - Your Retailer Company API KEY

If these steps have been done correctly when you run this and it enter if should import the order into OMS and return some data back. You can confirm this by checking OMS

NOTE - if you try to run multiple times you need to keep changing the order number "external_ref" in the JSON because this must be unique

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