Royal Mail Shipping API Shipping Integration

Royal Mail Shipping API Shipping Integration

OMS is now able to integrate directly with Royal Mail’s shipping API so that when an item is dispatched using a scan point, a shipment is created in Royal Mail’s system and an official Royal Mail shipping label returned to the user.

OMS will only invoke the Royal Mail API when an order has  Royal Mail  set as the shipping carrier.

Client Steps

Getting an Account

The client must sign up for an account on the  Royal Mail developer portal .

The Shipping API is free for Royal Mail Account customers

If you already have a Royal Mail Account account you can call them on 08457 950 950.

If you need to set up an account you can contact them on 08457 950 950.

Creating an Application

Once the account has been created, the client will need to create a  new application .

The application needs to be assigned to the  V2 Shipping Plan .

The application will then be approved by the client’s Royal Mail account manager.

Note   At this stage, the application will be in “On-boarding” mode, which is a sandboxed envrionment.


Once the application has been approved, the client should receive an email from Royal Mail entitled “Royal Mail Shipping API - On-boarding Credentials”.

The details on the email need to passed to a Custom Gateway Implementer for use in setting up the RM integration.

We will need the following information 


Service Mapping (optional)

As standard, OMS will map certain shipping methods to different flags that are supported by Royal Mail.

Royal Mail
Royal Mail
Standard Tracked
Royal Mail
Next Day

The full range of Royal Mail options can be found  here .  (Reference data document link).

The service that is chosen defines the maximum dimensions that need to be adhered to so we do not need to pass dimensions to Royal Mail but all products that are submitted need to have an accurate weight in CPP as all items on the order will have their weight added together and that will be submitted as the parcel weight.

On-boarding and Production

Once the client is happy with the workflow and that everything is working using the on-boarding details, they should be advised to contact their Royal Mail account manager to make their account live.

Royal Mail will provide the client with a checklist before they can go live. Every item on the checklist can be ticked off and sent back.

Once the account is made live, the client will receive another email from Royal Mail with new credentials that should be set against the Royal Mail integration.


When the last item in an order is dispatched via the scanpoint, OMS will create a shipment via the Royal Mail API for the entire order (only if the order’s shipping carrier is set to  Royal Mail ). A Royal Mail shipping label will then be generated and displayed to the user.

The client will need to regularly generate a shipping manifest (usually on a daily basis). This will create a PDF which can be printed and will be scanned by the Royal Mail collection driver.

The manifest can be generated from OMS and will include all Royal Mail shipments that haven’t been previously manifested.

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