Part dispatching orders

Part dispatching orders

When using multi-item orders it is possible to dispatch selected items on the order.

Once the first item is scanned the order is assigned to a bin e.g #011.

When you have scanned all items that you want to dispatch then click on the 'Bin Contents' button on the left.

All the items on the order are displayed, any item that has the status of 'Consolidated' can be dispatched.

Tick the 'item select' tick box and then from the drop-down select 'Dispatch (New Shipment)' this will then dispatch the selected item and produce a shipping label.

It is possible to then release the bin, this is done via going to Production > Bins  searching for the bin by 'Bin Number' and or 'Fulfilment Centre'

Then tick the 'item select' tick box and then from the drop-down selecting 'Release'.

This will then disassociate the bin with that order allowing it to be used for new orders.

When the additional items on the order are dispatch scanned, if there is only one item left the shipping label will be created, but If there are multiple items left on the order they will be added to the next available bin.

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