Order Manager Shipments Tab

Order Manager Shipments Tab

Order Manager Shipments Tab

Order manager now has a "Shipments" tab in the "Shipping" section.

The new tab shows a list of shipments that related to the order.

Generally, most orders will either have no shipments (when a supported shipping carrier is not in use) or just a single shipment.

However in some contexts it is possible for an order to have multiple shipments (i.e. item A in parcel X and item B in parcel Y).

The shipments tab has two key features:
  • Regenerating a label
  • Rebooking
Only Yodel and DPD ESG currently support rebooking. More carriers can be added on request.
Order manager shipments tab

Regenerating a Label

With some carriers (such as DPD), automatic label generation may sometimes fail due to circumstances outside of Custom Gateway control.

In such an event, a label can be manually generated for an existing shipment.


Rebooking can be used in the event that the retailer or supplier wishes to change either the shipping method or indeed the carrier.

When a shipment is rebooked, it will be rebooked using the carrier and method set on the order.

Using this tool, it is for example, possible to change a DPD "Next Day" order to a Saturday delivery.

Where possible (dependent on carrier API support), the system will attempt to delete the original shipment from the carriers system.