New Licencing / Brands Company and Product Requirements

New Licencing / Brands Company and Product Requirements

To use the Licensing/Brands features, a new company needs to be set up for each Brand.

1) You can request a new Licence/Brand company by creating a new support ticket via the Portal.

With the subject - New Brands Account

Please provide the following Information on the ticket.
  1. Name of the Brand (e.g. James Supplier - ACME)
  2. Contact email address
  3. Your Administrator Company ID
  4. Percentage Value to be used on Reports

Once the company has been created, we will let you know the Name and ID of the new Company and confirm the % Value that has been set.

JS BC (429495)

2) You will need to specify the Licence/Brand for the relevant products:

Open the product in CPP or on Platform > Catalog > Products Manager

Select the E-commerce & Data option and scroll down to the Licence Company and select the correct Licence Company from the dropdown list:

The Percentage field is not used here, it has already been set on the Licence Company.

Save the changes.

3) For each product that is to be included in the Licensing report, the following needs to be setup: 

E-commerce & Data – Pricing: Trade Price with a Quantity Break and the Seller set to the Supplier Company

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