Introducing the Six Stages of On Demand Workflow

Introducing the Six Stages of On Demand Workflow

Whatever product you want to sell on demand you will need a robust end to end workflow to make this profitable. Detailed below are the Six Stages of On Demand Workflow 

You may be using our platform to manage all stages or just integrating for specific tasks the links below provide an explanation of each stage and how you can utilise our platforms to manage with further links to relevant articles on our help desk  to guide you. However if you want further assistance we are always happy to discuss in more detail and provide additional professional services 

  1. Product Management 
  2. Website Display Options 
  3. Auto Artwork Generation
  4. Order Routing & Supply Chain 
  5. Factory & Warehouse Workflow
  6. Shipping integrations  

You may also find this eBook of interest which provides an overview of the full process

The infographic below may also be helpful in giving you an insight into how the six stages fit together 

The six stages are not always relevant to a single organisation as it may often be a different supply chain partner who is most focussed on a specific stage so the graphic below should help explain who the potential supply chain partners are - ultimately all stages are important to drive down costs and improve service levels 

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