What is a Shipper Integration?

What is a Shipper Integration?

Shipping integrations allow the Custom Gateway Platform to connect out to couriers and book in shipments for orders directly from inside our system.

Shipping from the system can occur from 3 places

Item Dispatch Station Scan - https://platform.custom-gateway.net/v2/production-v2/dispatch - This scanpoint allows the scan of ITEM barcodes and works with single or multi line orders as it connects to our bin consolidation system

Batch Dispatch Station Scan - https://platform.custom-gateway.net/v2/production-v2/batch-dispatch - This scanpoint allows the scan on BATCH barcodes and only works with single item orders. It does however allow the bulk printing of all dispatch labels on a single Job which can be efficient in certain workflows.

NOTE - Batch dispatch is only suitable under certain strict conditions. Job Templates must be set to SINGLE ITEM ORDERS ONLY, this is because consolidation is not possible through this, it must also be using AHEAD OF TIME dispatch generation. This is because the scanpoint will create a single multipage PDF for printing and will only take labels already generated, it will not make on demand calls to book shipments at point of scan

Order Dispatch Station - https://platform.custom-gateway.net/v2/order-it/order-manager/dispatch# - When using the on screen only floor workflow this screen allows you to select jobs and generate labels for print straight from the screen.

The below table lists out our shipping integrations and the support they have for the above mentioned functions

Item Dispatch
Batch Dispatch
Ahead of Time Available (AOT)
Supported on Integrated Jobsheet
Australia Post



DHL Business

DPD (Legacy)

DPD Enterprise Service Gateway



Generic Label




Landmark Global

Mail International



RIF Logistics

Royal Mail v2

Royal Mail V3




Spring XBS


Transglobal Express

Warren Post



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