Concatanating Personalisation fields

Concatanating Personalisation fields

It is possible through our system to concatenate multiple personalisation fields into one single personalisation field and also add fixed text to the value of the concatenated field during the process.

This is done within the field mapping section of the product that you want to concatenate the fields of below is an example of how it is set up to concatenate the fields of day, month, and year into one field called date with the suffix TEST.

it is simply done by mapping a field containing each of the fields you want concatenated surrounded by { } and then you can write anything you want added to the field outside of the brackets in the position you want it added so for example it would be set up like so:


This will then take each field as it comes in and combine the values of those fields into a new field named date and also add the suffix TEST to the value of the field.

However the fields used in the concatenation process will still come through as their own field so you will need to map them to blank fields in order to delete them when the orders come in if you don't want those fields to be on the order.




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