Cancelling Batched Jobs in OMS

Cancelling Batched Jobs in OMS

Order Cancellation (status change) now supports orders that have items that have been batched


When a batched order is cancelled there are three possible outcomes depending on the status of the associated batches.

- Batches that have reached the "In Production" status will be left alone as it is assumed that the artwork is out on the factory floor. The order status will still be changed to "Cancelled" prevent any shipping from occurring.

- Batches that are in the "Pending Generation" Status will have the relevant cancelled item/s removed from the batch. The batch will then be scheduled for regeneration. The batch will still be treated as if it was full.

- Batches that are in the "Filling" status will have the relevant cancelled items removed and will continue to fill allowing the removed slots to be filled again.

If the removal of items due to cancellation results in the batch reaching zero items the batch will be deleted.

The current status of any batch can be seen in OMSv2 under PRODUCTION > JOBS



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