Bespoke or Custom Smartlink Specification

Bespoke or Custom Smartlink Specification

We have 24 Standard Smartlink Apps or Layouts available that can all be modified with your own CSS which cater for many customiser requirements however we understand that sometimes you will just want your own unique layout so we do offer a custom build service. Detailed below are the key questions that need to be answered when building and creating a specification for your app 

Examples of Standard Layouts



What is Main Purpose  of the App?

Website / Sales Platform

Integration Method

Product Types to be Supported

2D, 3D & No Preview


Customised, Personalised or Print on Demand

Example Product ID - CPP

Main App to Base On

Does this Include Mobile / Responsive Layout

Standard Features Required 

Tab / Button



2D View

Tab, Thumbnail or Button


Using these or colours


Only needed for 3D


Any auto formatting


What sources? Seoarate tabs for multiple areas?


Is it a separate tab?


Set colours or picker? Separate tabs for multiple areas


Per product or area


Dynamic Designs



Print Sizes

Paginated View

Additional Feature from Other Apps
Please note any new features not in other apps would occur an additional development charge as well as the custom app creation charge  


App Name / New

Other details

Configuration Options
Please note by default custom apps do not include any configuration options - so anything needed should be listed below




Features Common to All Apps If a feature in listed in the back end of CPP - such as curved text, image validation then it can be anabled in your custom app. That said because we have 100s of options they will not all be enabled by default - so need specifying on the list below to make sure they are included

Area of System eg Text

Name of Feature


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