Adding prices using Dynamic pricing

Adding prices using Dynamic pricing

Below is a way of adding your prices on garment using dynamic pricing.


This section is found in each product's 'e-commerce' tab 

Base price = RRP (inc tax) in eCommerce section of CPP.
Print Areas = Price Per Print Area in eCommerce section of CPP.  
Left Breast = print area price field within each print area.
Size = Price for specific size from Attribute section
Colour = Price of specific colour from colour area section

Total amount is on top with name of product like you can see on the screen and also at the bottom.

If you decide to add SET UP cost this would display below and would be close to Total.

Additional Prices can be added to - 

Print Area's 

Text Area's 

Image Area's 

and Effects - allowing different imprint methods to be charged at additional costs 







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